The smartest way to list your business.

Hello, #ladyboss! We’re sooooo excited to have you join our diverse, driven and super charged up community of fempreneurs and lady backers.

  • EXPOSURE to consumers. First and foremost, by listing your business with us you’ll connect with more people specifically looking for services provided by local and nonlocal women in business; patrons who want to use their wallet power to consciously support and fund female founders.
  • AUTOMATIC ELIGIBILITY & FREE ADMISSION to attend in person (or virtually) one of our signature pitch summits. You’ll be connected to accredited investors, VC’s who support WOB’s, other fempreneurs in your space and business leaders from a large variety of industries. Please see specific application instructions and criteria on the “Apply” page now.
  • INCREASED VISIBILITY ON GOOGLE SEARCH; having your business listed in an online local web directory is a proven way increase your SEO and get your business found online. In many cases it can be more effective than your personal website.
  • BUSINESS MENTORSHIP with leaders who want to ensure our community members succeed. We help you with everything from how to write an effective pitch to how to create profitable Facebook adds.
  • DISCOUNTS and exclusive deals on weekly featured members products and services. We cross promote your business to all members via email newsletters, event pages and at live events. For more information on marketing your service to members, please contact us at
  • FELLOWSHIP because we’re all about the power of the pack. Building an inclusive community is at the heart of our mission. We’re committed to connecting you to each other and openly sharing business knowledge with our community members via private trainings on various social media platforms.
  • EDITING power, 24/7, over your listing.
  • COMING SOON: post jobs to users and fellow community members.
  • COMMUNICATE directly with female founders in your area or across the nation.
  • ADVERTISE your business without worrying about an algorithm – everyone scrolling will see your badass business offerings.
  • APP RELEASE DATE July 1st, 2019.


In order to list your business on FemPages, become an honoree member of our mailing list, or apply to pitch at one of our signature summits — we’ve developed a set of criteria. You must:

  • identify as a woman or non-binary femme founder or co-founder
  • must be 18 years are older
  • a US resident
  • run a for-profit business with a legal structure in place
  • duly organized and validly existing as a company in a US state
  • online companies (without brick and mortar structures) are ACCEPTED and ENCOURAGED to apply
  • you can list your business as long as at least one of your founding members identifies as a woman

Complete the listing form or reach out and ask one of our team members to complete it for you.

After your listing is submitted, you’ll be notified within 2 to 3 business days if your female founded business is approved. If by any chance you’re denied a profile page, a full reason as to why will be included in our email. If you have any further questions, see our FAQ’s page or feel free to contact us at any time. We not only love hearing from you, we live to improve our community standards. — your FEEDBACK is essential.