Apply for Angel Investment

For Members of FemPages, Join Us at a Pitch Salon.  

Our Seed Salons are an opportunity for women and non-binary femme entrepreneurs to pitch their for-profit ventures — live and in person — for a chance to secure early round funding, meet a curated investor network, and connect with entrepreneurs.

All members are eligible and encouraged to apply. Once your application is submitted, you’ll be contacted by a member of our selection committee.  They will confirm they’ve received your application and inform you of next steps.

Members can apply for funding 1 (one) time each year as long as that founder has been a member of the FemPages for at least 1 month. Membership covers the cost of the Pitch (Seed) Salon application and attendance to the Seed Salon event (excluding added days of entrepreneurial training).

Applications for angel round funding are ongoing at this time and the dates for our first Seed Salons, for Fall 2019, will be announced by Summer 2019.

Please Note:

  1. Not all applications will make it to the final selection round, however, we’re seriously committed to helping you grow your business and connecting you to “family and friends” angel and VC funding opportunities. For more information, please subscribe to our newsletter, listen to our podcasts, participate in our community driven Facebook page. New information and resources will be updated daily.
  2. For the first pitch salon, the terms of one’s capital funding will be determined between the accredited investor and the awarded women owned business.

For nonmembers who want to Join Us at a Seed Salon, we welcome you.

Anyone, including nonmembers, can attend the Seed Salons unless we’ve marked it a private event. In fact, we very much welcome curious individuals, feminists, and business leaders from across industries to attend.  

For those looking to invest in female founded companies; we’re committed to raising a robust fund with money  from supportive entities and high net worth individuals. Please see our “For Investors” tab for more details or reach out to us with any questions regarding financial or branding partnerships.  

There’s an attendance fee for nonmembers to attend our Pitch Salons. We also ask attendees who are looking to invest in a female founded company to complete our  “special requirements for investors” questionnaire before attending. In order to create a safe space for female founders we ask that individuals read and sign this best practices contract and fill out a potential investor assessment regarding investor accreditation.  


Interested in applying for seed money? Make sure you meet the following criteria:

  1. Woman or non-binary femme co-founder (we encourage anyone who identifies with womanhood-cis, trans, third gender to apply)
  2. Running a for profit-business (it doesn’t have to be considered a social impact venture). 
  3. Duly organized and valid existing as a company in a U.S. State.
  4. You’ve been a member of the FemPages directory for at least one month.